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Apt E's Favorite Music - May 2017

This is the first installment of Apt E's new music showcase. In this series, Apt E shares with the world his favorite songs from some of the best new artists from around the world. Check back every month for a new set of songs.

In no particular order:

"Drifting" - G-Eazy ft. Chris Brown

Let me start by saying that I am not necessarily a fan of C Breezy, but paired with G-Eazy's rhymes and Cashmere Cat's production, this song comes out super viby. Love the downtempo trippy, yet modern hard kicks and snares. The reversed and effected sample that runs throughout the verses is spot on. This track is a good example of something original and mainstream at the same time. Tory Lanez's intro verse is also cleverly written, poking fun at everyone's favorite TSA travel experience.

"Game Over" - Mayer Hawthorne ft. Bobby Caldwell

I've enjoyed Mayer Hawthorne for a few years now. His throw back soul/r&b sound is just what the doctor ordered. When he teamed up with r&b legend Bobby Caldwell, I thought, is this too good to be true? Well, I'm happy to report, it definitely is! This song is a laid back tribute to 70's soul music. If you are looking for a new song for your weekend brunch playlist, this is the song for you. All live instruments, maintaining that vintage sound, with the new texture of Mayer paired with the deep tenor voice from Bobby, this song is a winner.

"Aint Too Cool" - Lunchmoney Lewis

If you like fun music, then this track is for you. Lunchmoney Lewis doesn't take himself too seriously and keeps it real on this track. Very relatable lyrics for most dudes who have ever tried to step to a beautiful young lady who was "too cool to dance". Guaranteed to get any party started off right. Production reminds me of something Katy Perry might use, so definitely has a maintsream pop sheen with an urban twist.

"UGH!" - The 1975

This little pop ditty from The 1975 is a great throwback to an 80's sound coupled with some aspects of funk. Matty's vox remind me of Peter Gabriel mixed with Peter Cox from Go West. Really cool fun vibe. Funky guitars and tight production lace this track. Not exactly sure what this song is about, but love it nonetheless.

"Drive" - Pretty Sister

Pretty Sister is lead by singer/producer Zak Waters. His take on 90's sounding tracks is awesome! Slick use of samples and synths gives this track a fresh edge while still maintaining the spirit of the 90's. That clap/snare combo is classic from that era. Zak's smooth vox and range really sets this track off and adds that energy it needs. As the name of the song suggests, this song is great for hopping in the convertible with the top down and driving down the PCH on a sunny day.