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Apt E's Favorite Music - June 2017

This month I've decided to showcase some world sounding music. I am a fan of all music from all around the world. I happen to be of Indian descent so I have a soft spot for Indian flavored music, but Latin rhythms also strike a chord with me. Here are a handful of songs in rotation. Enjoy!

"Todo Tiende" - Ojos De Brujo

Ojos De Brujo brings a definite Spanish gypsy flavor. Elements of Flamenco and Eastern rhythms create the perfect fusion track. It is said that the gypsies of northern Spain were the ones who brought the melodies and scales that are commonly heard in Middle Eastern and Hindustani music. I was impressed that the percussionist throws down on the Tablas. Against the already percussive Flamenco guitar, the tight rhythms are sure to make you groove.

"Bollywood Chick" - Swollen Members ft. Tech N9ne

I must admit that these guys are a bit random and I'm not quite sure how I discovered them, but they have a cool vibe. These kats from Canada embrace the true melting pot aspect to their country. instead of using a cheezy sitar, etc. the producer chose to use a synth instrument with an eastern sounding melody. Sick flows round this track out.

"Saturday Night" - Ozomatli

Who doesn't like Ozomatli? These guys have been moving crowds for years now. All their tracks are great, but this one stands out as it's their toe-dip into the mainstream music scene. Traditional 808 driven hip hop is great, but nothing beats a live band with great MCs.

"Tum Bin Jiya Udhas" - Bally Sagoo

Bally Sagoo is a true pioneer. Back in the 90's he made his name with a unique brand of fusion music. He took traditional Bollywood/Punjabi songs and produced them for a modern age. This track is one of my favorites. Beautiful melody on top of a smooth r&b beat. If you got a nice subwoofer, please bump it in the car or in your living room. You won't be disappointed.

"Balance" - Sara Tavares

This is just a really pretty song. Sara's vocals are smooth and sexy. Another track perfect for a chill weekend brunch, etc. Latin grooves, lovely vocals, mmmm, mmm, good.

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